Saturday, September 29, 2012

Be@rbrick 400% Iron Man Mark VI and Mark VII

I remember some years ago, not many people knew much about Iron Man. People were more into Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, etc. At that time, Iron Man was only seen through comic books and cartoons. That was only way I could follow Tony Stark and his adventures with The Avengers.

When I heard Iron Man was coming to the movies, I was really excited and couldn't wait to see it. Well, after that, Marvel made Iron Man into a household name.

Mark VI

I have to admit the one thing I never noticed much about Iron Man is his armor. I never knew much about his Mark I to (currently) Mark VII armors.

Mark VII


Although, visually, there is a big significant change from his prototype Mark I (tin can) to Mark II (War Machine) to Mark III (red and gold) armors, I started scratching my head when Marks IV to VII came out. They look nearly the same with the exception for Mark V, where the armor is red/silver and pops up from a suitcase.

Note the Be@rbricks: Iron Man Mark VI and Mark VII. The only difference you would find is the power source on his chest. A triangular shape to a round shape. Apart from that, from far, I don't see much difference.

I'm extremely excited for the Iron Man III movie coming out on May 2013. The Mark VIII armor will debut and will not be red and gold in color!

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