Sunday, October 7, 2012

SSUR Be@rbrick

SSUR (RUSS spelt backwards) is a streetwear label by New Yorker Ruslan "Russ" Karablin. Born in Russia, as an artist he has successfully branched out from canvas paintings to a full line of streetwear label.

His attention to detail in his art made them highly collectible items. It was the influences of Keith Haring and Stussy that made him start designing tees in 1989 to promote his artwork.

The art on this Be@rbrick is exactly the detail you would expect in Russ Karablin's art.

This Be@rbrick features a white/blue/gold colorway with intricate detailing throughout the front and back with signature SSUR graphics. Because of the shiny white background, the art actually looks like it's painted on a porcelain surface.

On the back of the Be@rbrick's head, you can find Russ Karablin's signature.

Russ is also responsible for "Caviar Cartek" label and the now infamous "Comme Des Fuckdown" collection seen on rappers, which were designed 10 years ago.

Because of the popularity of the "Comme Des Fuckdown" label, expect the price of this Be@rbrick to shoot up pretty quickly. If you haven't got it yet, good luck!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Be@rbrick 400% Iron Man Mark VI and Mark VII

I remember some years ago, not many people knew much about Iron Man. People were more into Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, etc. At that time, Iron Man was only seen through comic books and cartoons. That was only way I could follow Tony Stark and his adventures with The Avengers.

When I heard Iron Man was coming to the movies, I was really excited and couldn't wait to see it. Well, after that, Marvel made Iron Man into a household name.

Mark VI

I have to admit the one thing I never noticed much about Iron Man is his armor. I never knew much about his Mark I to (currently) Mark VII armors.

Mark VII


Although, visually, there is a big significant change from his prototype Mark I (tin can) to Mark II (War Machine) to Mark III (red and gold) armors, I started scratching my head when Marks IV to VII came out. They look nearly the same with the exception for Mark V, where the armor is red/silver and pops up from a suitcase.

Note the Be@rbricks: Iron Man Mark VI and Mark VII. The only difference you would find is the power source on his chest. A triangular shape to a round shape. Apart from that, from far, I don't see much difference.

I'm extremely excited for the Iron Man III movie coming out on May 2013. The Mark VIII armor will debut and will not be red and gold in color!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Be@rbrick 400% Peko-chan

WOW! So much has changed in blogspot.. I haven't blogged for a while (well.. a long while..) and I have to start getting used to this new format.

Anyway, I'm back blogging about my Be@rbricks. Work has been taking up most of my time and I figured I should at least spend some time on my blog, given my love for Be@rbricks. :-) .. I hope to update my blog at least once a week for a year. Let's see if I can meet this target.

Starting off with something super cute! The Be@rbrick 400% Peko-chan (in Chinese, 牛奶妹 - literally means "Milk Girl").

Milk Candies! Who doesn't love them? Peko-chan is the mascot for Japanese food company, Fujiya. You can find Peko-chan in nearly all of their candy packaging.

This has to be my favorite milk candy. I like the way this candy melts in your mouth for a while until its chewable. The taste is more sugary than your regular milk and you can get addicted to this candy if you have a sweet tooth.

 "This is the snack parents and kids love." 

As for Peko-chan, she is an icon that can be seen anywhere in Japan. Her pigtails with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth just makes her very loveable.

On the Be@rbrick, it was smart of Medicom to keep Peko-chan's trademark pigtails at the sides. It wouldn't be her without her pigtails.

I think I'm gonna buy myself some milk candies now. :)

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(Milky Candy pic source: Amazon)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man Bearbrick 100%

I got this Spider-Man Bearbrick on my recent trip to Japan a few weeks ago. This Bearbrick is only exclusive at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka for 'The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - The Ride'. And man, the ride was really fun..

You get to see Spidey's villains: Doctor Octopus, Scream, Electro, Hydro-Man and the Hobgoblin.

Anyway, I don't think I need to explain much of this Marvel super-hero. So just enjoy the pics!!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bearbrick Series 22: The Basic Characters

Bearbrick Series 22: The Basic Characters

After a hiatus of more than 8 months, I'm back blogging about my Bearbricks. I hope to make this weekly as my collection is growing than ever.. And what way to return by introducing Bearbrick Series 22. Out just for a few weeks!!

Horror and Artist
Horror, Artist (House of Pain) and Jellybean
Series 22's Horror features Captain Jack Sparrow (with a chrome-plated head) out of '"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", the fourth installment in the series. Storyline is somewhat the same as the previous ones but I do love the mermaids. Pretty, attractive but deadly... 


Artist is American hip-hop group House of Pain. House of Pain came out during the 1990's but broke up. I guess because they reunited last year and with talks of a new album out soon, seems like the right time to come out with a Bearbrick. 

Jellybean is kinda similar to the  Rainbow Jellybean from Series 20, only a bit more transparent.

Cute and Hero
Cute, Hero and Pattern

Lots of great movies out this summer! One of them you can't miss is Disney and Pixar's Cars 2 . Lightning McQueen is featured as Cute. What amazes me is how McQueen, a racecar, is transformed into a Bearbrick.

Hero is a new category added to the Bearbrick Series since Series 21. We had Batman as the Hero for Series 21 and now, we have another DC hero, Green Lantern . Green Lantern is my 2nd favorite DC character after Batman. However, the movie didn't live up to my expectations. Maybe I knew more of Green Lantern  before the movie came out. The movie was more of an introduction of the character.

Anyone for a game of UNO? UNO (meaning 'one' in Italian and Spanish) is one of Mattel's ever popular card game. Now the red, blue, yellow and green colors are Patterns on a Bearbrick. Always remember to shout 'UNO' when you throw out your second-to-last card!

Animal, Flag and SF
Animal, Flag and SF 

Animal is Pirameki. Don't know much about this character except that it's a mascot from a popular children TV show from TV-Tokyo.

The country featured in Series 22 Flag is Jamaica. Jamaica is a small island in the Caribbean Sea, Central America. Jamaica makes me think of Sean Kingston's hit single, Take You There.. 'We can go to the tropics, Sip Pina Coladas, Shorty I could take you there...'

Last but not least, SF (Science Fiction) is Japanese OVA (Original Video Animation) B★RS: Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター Burakku Rokku Shūtā). What I like about B★RS is her blazing blue left eye. Really cool!

Cards of the characters from Series 22

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