Saturday, September 22, 2012

Be@rbrick 400% Peko-chan

WOW! So much has changed in blogspot.. I haven't blogged for a while (well.. a long while..) and I have to start getting used to this new format.

Anyway, I'm back blogging about my Be@rbricks. Work has been taking up most of my time and I figured I should at least spend some time on my blog, given my love for Be@rbricks. :-) .. I hope to update my blog at least once a week for a year. Let's see if I can meet this target.

Starting off with something super cute! The Be@rbrick 400% Peko-chan (in Chinese, 牛奶妹 - literally means "Milk Girl").

Milk Candies! Who doesn't love them? Peko-chan is the mascot for Japanese food company, Fujiya. You can find Peko-chan in nearly all of their candy packaging.

This has to be my favorite milk candy. I like the way this candy melts in your mouth for a while until its chewable. The taste is more sugary than your regular milk and you can get addicted to this candy if you have a sweet tooth.

 "This is the snack parents and kids love." 

As for Peko-chan, she is an icon that can be seen anywhere in Japan. Her pigtails with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth just makes her very loveable.

On the Be@rbrick, it was smart of Medicom to keep Peko-chan's trademark pigtails at the sides. It wouldn't be her without her pigtails.

I think I'm gonna buy myself some milk candies now. :)

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(Milky Candy pic source: Amazon)

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