Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man Bearbrick 100%

I got this Spider-Man Bearbrick on my recent trip to Japan a few weeks ago. This Bearbrick is only exclusive at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka for 'The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - The Ride'. And man, the ride was really fun..

You get to see Spidey's villains: Doctor Octopus, Scream, Electro, Hydro-Man and the Hobgoblin.

Anyway, I don't think I need to explain much of this Marvel super-hero. So just enjoy the pics!!

Featured Bearbrick:
- The Amazing Spider-Man Bearbrick 100%


Monday, July 11, 2011

Bearbrick Series 22: The Basic Characters

Bearbrick Series 22: The Basic Characters

After a hiatus of more than 8 months, I'm back blogging about my Bearbricks. I hope to make this weekly as my collection is growing than ever.. And what way to return by introducing Bearbrick Series 22. Out just for a few weeks!!

Horror and Artist
Horror, Artist (House of Pain) and Jellybean
Series 22's Horror features Captain Jack Sparrow (with a chrome-plated head) out of '"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", the fourth installment in the series. Storyline is somewhat the same as the previous ones but I do love the mermaids. Pretty, attractive but deadly... 


Artist is American hip-hop group House of Pain. House of Pain came out during the 1990's but broke up. I guess because they reunited last year and with talks of a new album out soon, seems like the right time to come out with a Bearbrick. 

Jellybean is kinda similar to the  Rainbow Jellybean from Series 20, only a bit more transparent.

Cute and Hero
Cute, Hero and Pattern

Lots of great movies out this summer! One of them you can't miss is Disney and Pixar's Cars 2 . Lightning McQueen is featured as Cute. What amazes me is how McQueen, a racecar, is transformed into a Bearbrick.

Hero is a new category added to the Bearbrick Series since Series 21. We had Batman as the Hero for Series 21 and now, we have another DC hero, Green Lantern . Green Lantern is my 2nd favorite DC character after Batman. However, the movie didn't live up to my expectations. Maybe I knew more of Green Lantern  before the movie came out. The movie was more of an introduction of the character.

Anyone for a game of UNO? UNO (meaning 'one' in Italian and Spanish) is one of Mattel's ever popular card game. Now the red, blue, yellow and green colors are Patterns on a Bearbrick. Always remember to shout 'UNO' when you throw out your second-to-last card!

Animal, Flag and SF
Animal, Flag and SF 

Animal is Pirameki. Don't know much about this character except that it's a mascot from a popular children TV show from TV-Tokyo.

The country featured in Series 22 Flag is Jamaica. Jamaica is a small island in the Caribbean Sea, Central America. Jamaica makes me think of Sean Kingston's hit single, Take You There.. 'We can go to the tropics, Sip Pina Coladas, Shorty I could take you there...'

Last but not least, SF (Science Fiction) is Japanese OVA (Original Video Animation) B★RS: Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター Burakku Rokku Shūtā). What I like about B★RS is her blazing blue left eye. Really cool!

Cards of the characters from Series 22

Featured Bearbricks (Bearbrick Series 22):
Jellybean (Transparent Rainbow)
- Pattern (UNO)
- Flag (Jamaica)
- Horror (Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)
- SF (
- Cute (Lightning McQueen from Cars 2)
- Animal (Pirameki)
- Hero (Green Lantern)
- Artist (House of Pain)