Sunday, October 7, 2012

SSUR Be@rbrick

SSUR (RUSS spelt backwards) is a streetwear label by New Yorker Ruslan "Russ" Karablin. Born in Russia, as an artist he has successfully branched out from canvas paintings to a full line of streetwear label.

His attention to detail in his art made them highly collectible items. It was the influences of Keith Haring and Stussy that made him start designing tees in 1989 to promote his artwork.

The art on this Be@rbrick is exactly the detail you would expect in Russ Karablin's art.

This Be@rbrick features a white/blue/gold colorway with intricate detailing throughout the front and back with signature SSUR graphics. Because of the shiny white background, the art actually looks like it's painted on a porcelain surface.

On the back of the Be@rbrick's head, you can find Russ Karablin's signature.

Russ is also responsible for "Caviar Cartek" label and the now infamous "Comme Des Fuckdown" collection seen on rappers, which were designed 10 years ago.

Because of the popularity of the "Comme Des Fuckdown" label, expect the price of this Be@rbrick to shoot up pretty quickly. If you haven't got it yet, good luck!

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