Monday, November 29, 2010

Spawn Bearbrick 100%

I followed Spawn for quite a while. The art by artist and creator Todd McFarlane was simply amazing. The character was dark and mysterious, just like Batman.

Spawn was a must-read comic book back then for me. It was something new, I was an avid follower and I had to get that comic every month.



The 90’s was the decade Image Comics was born. All the while it was the Big Two in the comic book industry: DC Comics and Marvel. Millions of people know Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The X-Men, etc. 

Comic book artists and writers had to work for them and had very little space when creating new characters. When they did create a new character, the rights would belong to the Big Two. That was when a group of artists got fed up and got together to form Image Comics.

In Image Comics, they had more freedom. They could create any character they wish and the rights would belong to the creator. One of the characters created was Spawn. While other artists created tons of different characters, Todd McFarlane concentrated only on Spawn and the characters around Spawn.

He spent lots of effort turning Spawn into a household name. Spawn action figures came out with the sculpting so detailed (and unbelievable, at that time) that they became one of the most sought after toys. I was a Spawn collector too until I noticed Bearbricks.. hehe..

Eventually, I stopped following comic books but the first 25 issues of Spawn would always be in my personal collection.

Featured Bearbrick:
- Spawn Bearbrick 100%

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