Tuesday, November 30, 2010

:Chocoolate Bearbrick 100%

Hong Kong fashion brand :Chocoolate (yes, it’s spelt with two ‘O’s and a colon in front), in celebrating their 4th Anniversary, released a limited edition boxset containing a 4th Anniversary tee, a CD and a 100% Bearbrick!

:Chocoolate has been one of the successful fashion brands in Hong Kong. Their fashion direction is mostly casual as their target age group are young adults.
In a place like Hong Kong where everyone is fashion conscious, they have done what other fashion brands couldn’t do. Their prices are kept low and affordable, they maintain a certain level of quality and style, and they have constant collaboration with other fashion labels, characters and themes.

Their crossovers with other labels include, but not limited to: Snoopy, FCUK (French Connection U.K.), Mini-Cooper, Hello Kitty, A Bathing Ape (where long queues were formed for the ‘CHOCOOLAPE’ line), 30mething, Jaws: The Movie, The Beatles, Coca-Cola, Oswald: The Lucky Rabbit, b + ab, Burger King, Y’saccs, DC Comics…. to name a few...

The latest crossover was with Finnish cartoon character ‘Moomin’ and out recently is a four-way collaboration between :Chocoolate, 30mething, Fingercroxx and AAAA (4A).

:Chocoolate’s pattern design mostly revolves around stripes, polka dots and checkers so this is what they have applied in this unique Bearbrick design.

Striped-pattern on its right arm, polka dots on its right leg, a checkered left leg, flocked material on its left arm and two ears, electroplated hands and their colon-within-a-circle pattern on the Bearbrick’s head. Last but not least, their 4th anniversary logo on the chest. Wow!! Love their recycled box design as well.

Featured Bearbrick:
- :Chocoolate 4th Anniversary Bearbrick 100%

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