Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bearbrick Speaker System 400% (for iPod / iPhone)

Got this just a few days ago and was I excited! I don’t own an iPhone (I love my Xperia X10!) but I have an iPod Touch. I never thought of buying a speaker system for my iPod Touch until I saw previews of this speaker system a few months ago. It’s a Bearbrick after all!

Medicom and British-owned speaker brand Radius (manufactured by Monitor Audio) teamed up to create this Bearbrick 400% Speaker System for the iPod/iPhone. Two colors are available: black or white and I decided to have the black one.

This 400% Bearbrick itself is the speaker where the sound comes out from both its ears. The Bearbrick has to be seated for the dock to be assembled between its legs. At the back, the 3.5mm jack from the dock connects to the Bearbrick and the USB to the computer.

The (+) and (-) bear-shaped buttons at the front are volume controls. The LED stays red when the iPod is charging and turns to blue when it’s fully charged.

No adaptor is included and the Bearbrick doesn’t run on batteries so the USB has to be connected for its power supply. This is a major disappointment because I thought I could display this Bearbrick and play my iPod songs anywhere. Now that I need to connect it to my computer, I rather just play the songs directly from my iTunes.


I looked back at my collection and I remember I had another iPod accessory from Medicom. This is the ‘iKub (for iPod)’. This is just a white/silver 400% Kubrick with a holder placed between its arms for the iPod classic (the one with the scroll wheel.. remember this one?).

I don’t really know why I bought this Kubrick that time because I never had an iPod classic.. haha.. But hey, this device started the digital age of music and the iPod revolution.

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  1. How's the sound coming from the bearbrick speaker?
    Am thinking of getting this too or the Stussy Bearbrick speaker