Friday, October 29, 2010

Shoko Nakagawa Bearbrick 400%

A few blogs down was the Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Bearbrick. Since it’s the month of October, I might as well continue with the Pink Revolution.

Who's that girl? She's Shoko Nakagawa. You can always expect two things when you tell a Japanese gal to design a Bearbrick. One: There’s always a heart symbol somewhere. Two: It has to be cute.

Give Japanese multitalented popstar Shoko Nakagawa a Bearbrick to design and here’s what you get: An adorable pink-striped cat bearbrick with hearts on its ears.
Shoko Nakagawa 中川翔子 (also known as Shokotan) is a Japanese cutie. She’s an illustrator, manga cartoonist, actress, voice actress, model, TV presenter and singer. In short, a Japanese idol. She has also just directed her first short film “Nanase Futatabi Prologue” last month. She likes cosplay and loves cats a lot so I guess this bearbrick is inspired by her cats.

Her Bearbrick cat design was featured as ‘Cute’ in Series 19 last December. Several months later, this was enlarged to a 400% size.

Some of her CD releases (source: Amazon Japan ).

Join her Facebook Community Page if you want to know more about her!.. hehehe.. 

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(Shoko Nakagawa pics source:

(Background Art by the talented Taiwanese artist Chen Shu Fen. I have quite a number of her artbooks cos she draws the sweetest Chinese girls around. Google her to see her scans.)

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