Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Headquarter X Seher One Bearbrick 400%+100%

In May 2010, celebrating the 5th anniversary of their store, Headquarter teamed up with Mexican urban artist Seher One for this amazing Bearbrick 400%+100% set, designed with impressive graphics.

I didn’t know about Seher One until I bought this bearbrick set and researched him on the Internet. His graphics are spontaneous and really damn powerful.


Seher One (David Pinon Hernandez) is from Mexico City and has pure talent. His art shows intoxicating movement and fluidity, with sharp and vivid colors. It’s like a mixture of fantasy and horror. His incredible imagination makes him unique and stand out from other graffiti artists.

 Check out some of his works. (source: SEHER ONE)


I would like to see more of his art out there. Another team-up with Medicom for more bearbrick designs? Maybe as an Artist in an upcoming Series? I’m already a big fan.

Featured Bearbrick:
- Headquarter X Seher One Bearbrick 400%+100% Set

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