Monday, October 25, 2010

KAWS Bearbrick and ‘Passing Through’

These are my KAWS Bearbrick collection. I only have four 400% size and the 200% size die-cast chogokin. It’s funny that I don’t have even one 100% size.


The Bearbrick KAWS Chompers (the blue one) was one of the first bearbricks I ever bought. That time I didn't know anything about KAWS. I didn’t know much about Bearbricks either. I thought the design was cool and it looked like a cat… haha.. The ‘X X’ eyes were kinda neat too and now, those ‘X X’ eyes are a trademark of KAWS works.


For those who don’t know KAWS, he’s Brian Donelly and based in New York City. He started out as a graffiti artist, working on advertisements on bus stops and billboards. As he became more and more popular, his work started to grow all over the world.

After, he started designing vinyl toys and gained recognition amongst toy collectors for his style and genre. He created his character ‘Companion’ with the iconic ‘X X’ eyes under his ‘OriginalFake’ brand.

Recently, KAWS was in Hong Kong to promote his huge 5-meter Companion character  displayed outdoors at Harbour City at TST as part of his ‘Passing Through’ exhibition. Here are some pics that I took.


Every toy collector knows collecting KAWS merchandise can burn a hole in your pocket. His toys are produced limited in numbers and not many people would spend that amount of money on a piece of plastic. Though I’m not a die-hard KAWS collector (I’m glad I’m not or else I would go bankrupt!), I admire his work a lot.

As a Bearbrick collector, one KAWS item on my wish list is his 400% brown Bearbrick made of wood (though there is a black version too), currently going at US$1000+ at the secondary market. This piece to me is a true collectible item.


Featured Bearbricks:
- KAWS Chompers (avex a-nation) Bearbrick 400% (blue)
- KAWS Companion OriginalFake Bearbrick 400% (red)
- KAWS Companion OriginalFake Bearbrick 400% (grey)
- KAWS Companion OriginalFake Bearbrick 400% (black)
- KAWS Companion OriginalFake Bearbrick 200% Chogokin

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