Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UNKLE Bearbrick 400%

Released on September 4 was the new cool Bearbrick figure by British electronic duo, UNKLE. A 400% clear version and two 100% (a clear version and a dirt green camo version) Bearbricks.

I don’t think it’s a new design, though. The artwork on these Bearbricks is actually the same as the Bearbrick UNKLE designed during the 2004 BWWT (Bearbrick World Wide Tour). See the photos I took.

The Bearbrick was just reproduced in a clear version, compared to the previous bluish color. I didn’t get the 100% green camo version because it didn’t get my attention. I didn’t want to get both 100% versions so if I had to choose between the clear one and green one, of course I would get the clear one. They’re the same price anyway….

But the 400% clear version is a neat-looking piece. This is a piece I recommend to Bearbrick collectors out there. Get it before it gets sold out!

Featured Bearbricks:
- UNKLE Bearbrick 400% (Blue version from BWWT 2004)
- UNKLE Bearbrick 400% and 100% (Clear versions)

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