Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mickey Mouse Bearbrick

It took quite a while for Mickey Mouse to become a Bearbrick. Mickey Mouse officially came out as a Bearbrick ‘Animal’ in Series 17.

Even Winnie the Pooh came out earlier way back in Series 3 as a secret hidden Bearbrick.

Other Disney characters, Mickey included, were out only as Kubricks (Disney Kubrick Series 1-7) before the Mickey Mouse Bearbrick. Don’t know why it took so long.

But now that Mickey Mouse is a Bearbrick, Medicom has pushed it too far. Now, Mickey is out in different variations.

Let’s count all the Mickeys:
- Bearbrick Series 17 Animal
- Bearbrick Series 17 Secret Vintage (or Old School) Mickey
- Bearbrick 400% Vintage Mickey
- Bearbrick 1000% Vintage Mickey
- Bearbrick 100% Mickey Mouse as Peter Pan
- Bearbrick 400% Mickey Mouse as Peter Pan
- Bearbrick Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Box Set (Black and White Version)
- Bearbrick 400% Vintage Mickey (Black and White Version)

I don’t have space to collect the 1000% size and I’m still thinking if I should get the 400% Vintage Black and White Version.

As if these aren’t enough, here’s a pic I took from Hong Kong’s AniCom a few months ago: A prototype of the die-cast Bearbrick 200% Mickey Mouse Chogokin (超合金). This was also featured in the Medicom Exhibition 2010 in Tokyo. This I got to have.

If I missed any other Mickey Mouse Bearbrick, let me know.

Featured Items:
- Mickey Mouse Bearbricks (as described above)
- Mickey Mouse and Julius Kubricks from Runaway Brain

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