Thursday, September 23, 2010

International Love Heart Bearbrick

This is one of my favorite Bearbrick designs. When the 400% + 100% set came out in 2007, I had to get it immediately. It was the striking red color and simple love heart shape on its chest that caught my eye.

The heart shape on the Bearbrick’s chest is made up of different texts, showing the word ‘love’ in 16 languages. Since then, this design has came up in a 1000% size (in 2009), a Chogokin die-cast 200% size (a few months ago) and just two weeks ago, a 70% size.

This 70% size is a part of  Medicom’s Birthday Bearbrick series. It's a Bearbrick phone strap and comes with a date and month which you can attach to the Bearbrick.

This International Love Heart was designed way back at 1967 by pattern and fabric designer, Alexander Girard (1907 – 1993). And he’s not a stranger to Bearbrick designs. A lot of his designs have been featured on 100% and 400% Bearbricks. He was also one of the Artists in Series 17. I’m sure we are gonna see more of his works.

“The hope for good design lies in those designers who believe in what they do, and who will only do what they believe … contrary to hearsay, it is possible to make a living that way.” – Alexander Girard

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