Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bearbrick: Packed and Sealed

I’m not trying to make this into a wikipedia but I guess its ok give out a little more info on the basics about bearbricks. So continuing from my first post, next comes…

Packaging. Bearbricks are sold in boxes, polybagged and sometimes blistered.

Apart from being sold individually, bearbricks are sold in blind-boxes by series. Bearbrick collectors always anticipate every bearbrick series that come out twice a year. As of writing, Series 20 is out now and Series 21 should be released around Christmas 2010.

In every series, bearbricks are featured in nine different ‘themes’: Basic, Jellybean, Pattern, Flag, Horror, SF (Science Fiction), Cute, Animal and Artist.

Bearbrick Series 15

Because these bearbricks come in blind-boxes, assortment rates vary between different themes. Rare and hidden chase figures with an assortment rate of 0.005% (1 out of 192 pcs) and 0.01% (1 out of 96 pcs) are the most sought after from every series.

Featured Bearbricks: Series 15. Assortment rate is in brackets.
- Jellybean: Translucent Dark Blue (8.33%)
- Pattern: Suicidal Tendecies (11.45%)
- Flag: China (9.37%)
- Horror: Koemushi (7.29%)
- SF: Evangelion (11.45%)
- Cute: My First Baby Chiaki (9.37%)
- Animal: Buster The Pillows (12.50%)
- Artist: Hara Tetsuo - Fist Of The North Star (4.16%)
- Artist: Andy Warhol Repent (1.04%)

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