Sunday, August 15, 2010

... And How About Kubricks?

Ahh.. Kubricks.. However, I’m more of a Bearbrick fan than a Kubrick fan. I do have a few Kubrick sets and figures, though. I’ll see if I have the chance to talk about them.

I won’t go into too much about Kubricks. Wikipedia has a great article explaining Kubricks.

Kubrick Figures

All I can say is that Kubricks are more or less the same as Bearbricks except for their body and head, which depicts more of the human form or resemblance of the character it is portraying. Kubricks sometimes come with small accessories too.

You can see the difference between a Spongebob Kubrick and Spongebob Bearbrick. I think Spongebob looks kinda silly in a Bearbrick, with ears and a round head... then again, how would Patrick look like in a Bearbrick?

Featured Figures:
- Sesame Street Kubrick Series 1

  (Big Bird, Little Bird, Count, Ernie and Grover)
- Spongebob Bearbrick from Series 18 Cute
- Spongebob Kubrick and Patrick Kubrick (2-piece Set)

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