Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Bearbrick Basic Letter Set

Every series has a different color theme for their Basic letters set. To complete the Basic letters set, you need to get all nine letters to spell ‘BE@RBRICK’. 

Bearbrick Letter Set

In my opinion, collecting all nine letters can be a pain and is much harder to complete than the other 8 ‘themed’ figures featured on the box.

'Big B' and 'Small B'
Some people who don’t want to get all nine letters only collect the ‘@’ letter. The ‘@’ symbol with the two ears symbolizes the Bearbrick brand.

The two ‘B’s are also different. Though both are capitalized, the ‘B’s are actually different in size.

There are also two ‘R’s which makes it much more difficult to complete.

Featured Bearbricks:
- Bearbrick Letter Set (Blue) from Series 11
- Bearbrick Letter 'B' (Purple) from Series 18

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